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Welcome to our new-look website for NetBanking.
While we've had a bit of a makeover, no features have changed and you'll still find everything where it was before. If, however, you do encounter any problems, please feel free to contact us

Please follow the instructions below to login to NetBanking:

     1. Enter your Member Number using your computer keyboard; then
     2. Use your mouse to enter your Access Password using the on screen keyboard; then
     3. Click on the word Login using your mouse OR press return on your computer keyboard.

PLEASE NOTE: After entering each character, you will notice random movement of the keypad.
This is a security feature. If the keypad does not move after you enter each character of your password, please do not continue to login as this may indicate a security threat. If such an instance occurs, please contact Queenslanders immediately on 1800 QLDERS.